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Andrew & Clair Wright welcome you to the Uppertown Ryelands website. Our flock is registered with the Ryeland Flock Book Society, registration number 1259.

Whether you are contemplating keeping Ryelands for the first time, or if you already have an established flock, we hope that you will find this website informative.

We have kept sheep here since the late 1970’s, starting with a flock of Clun Forest ewes. To increase productivity, we introduced Welsh Half Bred ewes (Welsh Mountain x Border Leicester) – these ewes were prolific, good mothers and feisty!




As work commitments outside the holding became increasingly important, the Half-bred flock was reduced in size and in the autumn of 2000, we sold the remainder of the flock. There were no sheep on the holding for 12 months and consequently the pastures became a mess.

The holding had to be restocked. Rather than a commercial flock, we decided that it would be much more fulfilling to establish a pedigree flock. We had always admired the Ryeland breed and as they are ideal for smallholder and originated locally, they seemed the ideal choice for us. The decision has proved to be the right one for us. We really enjoy our sheep, and we'd like you to do the same!

We usually have breeding stock for sale, details of which will be posted on our Blog.


 If you would like further information or would like to visit, please contact us on 01584 811017.


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